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A moment of silence, please.

The Crocodile Hunter is dead. Fittingly, he went out doing what he loved. He was killed while trying to get ridiculously close to a dangerous animal. Read about it here.

To the Crocodile Hunter!

Jackson says:

It's truly amazing that a stingray caused his death, because stingray stings are relatively rare, and mortal stings are even more rare. It's kind of surreal, I really liked the guy and find it hard to believe that he's gone.

rnewhouse says:

What else is fascinating is that he wasn't wrangling the stingray, they way he did with umpty-bazillion dangerous lethal poisonous critters. It just jumped up and nailed him while he wasn't even expecting it.

Crikey! He was a neat dude.

Jackson says:

I saw that too - they determined from the footage that he wasn't intimidating the ray at all. In fact, they believe the cameraman might have been the reason the ray (which was 220 pounds) became agitated and stung him. The cameraman was in front of the ray, filming as it swam toward him and in essence, blocking the ray's path. What horrible luck.

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