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New Low for a Morning Show

I've always hated morning radio talk shows, ever since I was being driven to elementary school as a kid and arguing with my brothers over what station to listen to. Who wants to listen to a bunch of immature jerk-offs in the morning?

Inane pranks and stunts are a mainstay of these shows, and they're usually harmless. It looks like some typical morning show jerk-offs in California, however, managed to kill somebody today.

Thank god for Portland's NRK. They play music in the morning--quite a revolutionary concept.

Dylan says:

It's really bad. A nurse even called the show while it was happening and told them that she could die if they kept going and they just blew her off. Not that it helps the family any, but the morning show got canceled and the ten people from the radio station who were in any way involved with the contest got fired.

lidge_34 says:

Yeah, the morning shows here are terrible. I stopped listening to the radio on my way to work in the morning a while ago.

Besides that, on the subject of radio, the ones here in Tampa are pretty bad. The rock station here seems to have about a 15-song playlist. Makes me miss NRK and KUFO in Portland!

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