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Apple can be an A**hole

This is an old article, but it was just bannered over my gmail. It goes over how Apple is apparently a notorious rip-off artist.

I mean, come on! Look at that Intel/Postal Service video!

And the first thing that came to my mind? The smug superiority of those Mac vs. PC ads. If Apple steals so much of their advertising, I wonder if there's some pissed-off guy somewhere that's filed a lawsuit over those.

Silencio says:

Did you not see the part about how both the Postal Service video and the Apple/Intel ad were done by the same director? Sounds like someone got a little too enamored of the set he built and wanted to repurpose it for something else, and yet Apple is the a-hole here?

lidge_34 says:

Silencio, are you assuming that the marketing folks at Apple hadn't checked out their previous work before hiring them? If that is true, it was negligent. If not, than they had seen the Postal Service video and knew exactly what was being copied.

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